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Turbo MH 500

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The LNS Turbo MH 500 chip conveyor –  filtration down to 500 µ

LNS Turbo MH 500 chip conveyors combine the chip carrying capability of a hinge belt conveyor with coolant filtration to 500 micron. Therefore, MH 500 is ideal for machines capable of multiple operations producing large, stringy or small chips. This chip conveyor normally fits in the standard machine tank and is our most economical filtering conveyor.


  • Filtration boxes

    The Turbo MH conveyor incorporates filter boxes inside the conveyor frame to provide continuous self cleaning filtration of all coolant, cycling through the machines coolant system, to 500. This filtration extends the coolant & tool life and drastically reduced the tank / machine clean outs required, especially where small chips are produced...
    See More The number of boxes used is specifically matched to the machine tool's maximum coolant flow rate.

  • Self-cleaning function

    To ensure the self cleaning function of the conveyor (filters do not have to be removed and cleaned) the MH conveyor uses brushes mounted to the inside of the conveyor belt. These brushes automatically clean the filters during the normal rotation of the conveyor belt...
    See More As the brushes are inside the conveyor belt they are protected away from the chips that fall on the the belt during the machining process, ensuring a long life and minimal maintenance. Should the brushes become worn or damaged over time then easy access through the conveyor discharge enables quick change out of these inexpensive brushes, ensuring maximum up-time.

  • LiveLink

    The Turbo MH conveyor incorporates a unique feature called "LiveLink". The live link is incorporated into the conveyor belt and acts to allow fine chips that pass through the conveyor belt to be released to the base of the conveyor and be removed by the scraper cleats...
    See More The live link is closed while on the upper path of the belt to prevent chips from entering between the belt but on the bottom path of the belt, gravity opens the live link to allow any chips to be removed to the top of the belt in the normal way.

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Chip Type


Filtration (µ)


Side Wing Height

Standard Duty (NGB) .75"

Super Heavy Duty 1"

Tail Height

Standard Duty (NGB) 4.72"

Super Heavy Duty 6.89"

Minimum Frame Width

Standard Duty (NGB) 10.5"

Super Heavy Duty 12.2"

Maximum Frame Width

Standard Duty (NGB) 26.54"

Super Heavy Duty 40.2"

Width Increments

Standard Duty (NGB) 2"

Super Heavy Duty 2"

Motor Power and Ratio

Standard Duty (NGB) (1/4 HP – 240:1)

Super Heavy Duty (1/4 HP – 300:1)

Machine Tool Spindle Power

Standard Duty (NGB) (0-30 HP)

Super Heavy Duty (> 35 HP)