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DH65 S2

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The DH65 S2 is an entry-level alternative for spindle length bar stock feeding. The DH65 S2 is designed for simple applications, especially for standard production parts, and for medium and large production runs.


  • The DH65 S2 permits easy adjustment of the diameter.

  • The remote control ensures the interaction between the bar feeder and the lathe.

  • The DH65 S2 retraction system facilitates access to the lathe without compromising the precision of the alignment.

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Diameter ø 5 - 65 mm
Bar Length 1210 mm / 1510 mm (DON'T exceed the overall length of spindle)
Loading Capacity 114 x ø 5 mm
Headstock Type Fixed
Max. Remnant Length n/a
Partial Changeover


Total Changeover


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