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Fedek Turbo HF

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Thanks to this revolutionary filtration concept from LNS: Filtration boxes used in conjunction with a hinge belt conveyor. The Fedek Turbo HF is a conveyor designed to remove all chip shapes made of different material incorporating filtration to 750μm.


  • The Fedek Turbo HF conveyor incorporates filter boxes inside the conveyor frame to provide continuous self-cleaning filtration of all coolant, cycling through the machines coolant system, to 700 microns. This filtration extends the coolant & tool life and drastically reduced the tank/machine cleanouts required, especially where small chips are produced...
    See More The number of boxes used is specifically matched to the machine tool's maximum coolant flow rate.

  • To ensure the self-cleaning function of the conveyor (filters do not have to be removed and cleaned) the HF conveyor uses brushes mounted to the inside of the conveyor belt. These brushes automatically clean the filters during the normal rotation of the conveyor belt...
    See More As the brushes are inside the conveyor belt they are producted away from the chips that fall on the belt during the machining process, ensuring long life and minimal maintenance. Should the brushes become worn or damaged over time then easy access through the conveyor discharge enables quick change out of these inexpensive brushes, ensuring maximum up-time.

  • Fedek Turbo conveyors are used in a variety of applications and therefore have to function with a vast array of chip types. Each hinge belt conveyor from LNS is equipped with different cleat types to aid the chip removal from the machine tool...
    See More Angled cleats act to remove fine chips from within the conveyor frame by following closely to the curve sections of the conveyor. Flat cleats act to remove the majority of chips up the incline section of the conveyor and the serrated cleats act to grab and remove any bundles of stringy chips that would otherwise struggle to mount the incline section of the conveyor.

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Chip Type Mixed
Filtration (µ) 700
Belt Pitch Standard Duty/Super Heavy Duty 40 mm (1.57")
Side Wing Height Standard Duty/Super Heavy Duty 21 mm (0.83")
Tail Height Standard Duty/Super Heavy Duty 130 mm (5.12")
Minimum Frame Width Standard Duty/Super Heavy Duty 216 mm (8.5")
Maximum Frame Width Standard Duty/Super Heavy Duty 674 mm (26.54")
Width Increments Standard Duty/Super Heavy Duty 50.8 mm (2")
Motor Power and Ratio Standard Duty/Super Heavy Duty 0.18 kW (1/4 HP)
Machine Tool Spindle Power Standard Duty/Super Heavy Duty 0 - 25 kW (0 - 30 HP)

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