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Fox WS 2 700

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In today’s machine shops and manufacturing facilities, by eliminating oil/coolant mist and smoke you’ll ensure a clean, safe work environment while reducing absenteeism and HVAC costs. Fox oil/coolant mist collectors from LNS exceed OSHA and NIOSH clean air requirements with a patented, 3-stage filtration system that guarantees optimum filter life. For even greater performance add an optional 4th-stage modular HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of cutting oil smoke particles. There are five models available with capacities from 170 to 1250 cfm to accommodate all machine types and processes using water-soluble, synthetic, or neat oil coolants.


  • Clogging is monitored by pressure gauge that clearly indicates when the cartridge must be replaced.

  • Maintenance requires less than five minutes (complete replacement of filters). The result is a considerable saving in time and costs across the life of the unit.

  • Different types of long-lasting filters are available for every coolant application.

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Air flow (cfm)


Static pressure Inches


Motor (hp)


Weight (lbs)


Sound level (dBA)


Filtration efficiency

up to 99.95 % MPPS (EN 1822)