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The LNS compact solution to automatically load small diameter bar stock into sliding- and fixed headstock lathes from 1 mm up to 12 mm. The GT112 is designed to withstand production processes running at optimum RPMs. 


  • Integrated 2-in-1 guiding channels to cover the whole range.

  • Reliable, hassle-free bar management and loading from 1 ~ 12mm.

  • Perfect bar guiding through innovative sectional channel cover.

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Diameter ø 1 mm (0.7 mm) - 12 mm
(ø 0.7 mm, the specification may vary depending on application)
Bar Length 12' and 6'
Loading Capacity n/a
Headstock Type Fixed/Sliding
Max. Remnant Length 300 mm
Partial Changeover


Total Changeover


Global Market Leader. #weareLNS