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KE408 / KE710

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This screw type magazine allows reliable loading and optimal guiding of small diameter bar stock. For extra precision the double clamp centers the bar stock and the pusher. This gives extra precision that is important for small diameter bar stock. Gravity force driven feeding mechanism suits slender materials and the pushing force can be adjusted by changing the driving weight.


  • The minimum bar diameter can reach Ø0.8mm, satisfied customer's different demand.

  • The screw type loading system prevents bar stock overlapping during the loading movement, and ensure working smoothly.

  • Weight feeding mechanism system increases stability on feeding process, especially for thin bar stock.

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Diameter ø 0.8 - 4 mm / 1 - 7 mm
Bar Length 1500 mm / 2000 mm / 2500 mm / 3000 mm
Loading Capacity 40 Bars (KE-408), 22 Bars (KE-710)
Headstock Type Fixed/Sliding
Max. Remnant Length 280 mm
Partial Changeover


Total Changeover


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