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Alpha 212 S3

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The Alpha 212 S3 – the ideal entry-level bar feeder

LNS Alpha 212 S3 bar feeder is the solution for loading small-diameter bars, from 2 to 12 mm. Its straightforward use, compactness and efficiency are crucial production assets for fixed or mobile headstock lathes. Pulling each bar into the barfeed’s screw loading system guarantees an accurate and reliable way to load the bars into the guiding zone. No setup of the magazine required, no risk of misloading.

This product is not available for your country.


  • Integrated 2-in-1 guiding channels

    The dual channels Ø8 / Ø13 mm provide an optimal guiding of the bars over the whole barfeed range. To change the channel size, simply turn the channels upside down and insert them back into the chassis.

  • Accurate bar positioning through servo-drivo technology

    Reliable, hassle-free bar management and loading from 2 to 12 mm. The servo technology allows the fastest movements in a controlled way to achieve accurate and reliable bar positioning.

  • Reliable headstock synchronization

    An electromechanical synchronization device connects the headstock of the machine to the pusher, allowing safe movements of the bar in perfect synchronization with the sliding headstock’s movements.

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Diameter ø 2 – 12 mm
Bar Length 3200 mm
Loading Capacity Up to 20 bars
Headstock Type Fixed / sliding
Max. Remnant Length 300 mm
Partial Changeover

2 minutes (within the guiding channel range)

Total Changeover

10 minutes (for all guiding elements)