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Express 220 S2

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Express 220 S2 Bar Feeder – for small diameter bar stock

Loading 2 mm to 4 mm diameter bars, can be difficult for many bar feeders. However, not for the Express 220 S2 automatic bar feeder. It reliably loads small diameter bar stock using exclusive loading assistance and bar selection systems.  The Express 220 S2 bar feeder offers the best loading capacity / length ratio in its category. Above all, this unit’s high-end components and manufacturing quality make it ideal to drastically increase CNC machine tool productivity.  The Express 220 S2 bar feeder diameter range is 2 mm to 26 mm, for fixed or sliding headstock CNC lathes.


  • State of the art bar feeder controls

    The user friendly Touch Screen HMI with prompting menu screens ensures the interaction between the bar feeder and the lathe, and therefore the production process can run safely and efficiently.  In addition, the Express 220 S2 bar feed offers added connectivity (Ethernet, USB) for interface communication with advanced CNC controls.

  • Barstock Loading Capacity

    At a depth of 240 mm, the enclosed loading ramp allows a large number of bars to be prepared. An optional 100 mm internal extension for bars from 4 to 12 mm provides up to 340 mm capacity of extended production runs.

  • Precise headstock synchronization

    The patented 3-S electronic headstock synchronization system is directly connected to the servo drive eliminating transmission delay and guarantees perfect synchronization between the pusher and the headstock.  Its design provides optimum synchronization for high-speed sliding headstock machines and small diameter bars (2 to 5 mm), and when running special materials, such as titanium providing safe and reliable performance.

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Diameter ø .079” to 1.026" (2 mm - 26 mm)
Bar Length 2200 mm / 3200 mm / 3800 mm / 4200 mm
Loading Capacity 340 mm
Headstock Type Fixed / sliding
Max. Remnant Length 340 mm
Partial Changeover

2 minutes (within the guiding channel range)

Total Changeover

8 minutes (for all guiding elements)