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Quick Load Servo S3 T

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Quick Load Servo S3 T Bar Feeder – production efficiency

The Quick Load Servo S3 T bar feeder reliably loads 1/4” to 4-3/4” diameter bar stock in lengths from 4” to 63” (not to exceed overall spindle length). Coupled with a fully automatic diameter adjustment and other patented features, partial changeovers can be achieved in 15 seconds or less within the pusher range.  And, 1 minute or less for complete changeovers.  In addition, a unique parts library stores data for 500 parts.  Also, an embedded Web server in the PLC allows the bar feeder to share data with the CNC machine tool via the LNS e-Connect communications system.


  • Quick Production Changeovers

    Start-up and diameter changing can be performed in record time thanks to the enhanced intuitive controls. The user friendly bar feeder touch screen HMI with prompting menu screens ensures the interaction between the bar feeder and the lathe, and therefore the production process can be run safely and efficiently.

  • Faultless Unattended Operation

    The LNS servo motor control technology provides the Quick Load Servo S3 T bar feeder with a precision of bar positioning which is unrivalled on the market.*  It guarantees accurate bar feedout control with or without turret help and prevents from hitting the turret with its soft touch positioning.

    *LNS recommends “pull-to-close” dead length collet chuck or 3-jaw chuck to maintain position accuracy

  • Extended Runs

    The Quick Load Servo S3 T bar feeder offers a 39” wide magazine tray for large capacities for unattended operation (up to 1,200 pounds*). The adjustable tray permits optimum application adjustments (hex, square, etc...
    See More ) including a safety switch for safely reloading. Front or rear load for optimum utilization of floor space when loading magazine tray. *Maximum 150 lbs. per bar

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Diameter ø 1/4'' - 4-3/4'' (ø 6 - 120 mm)
Bar Length 5'' - 63'' (130 mm – 1600 mm) not to exceed overall length of spindle
Loading Capacity 39.4'' (1000 mm)
Headstock Type Fixed
Max. Remnant Length n/a
Partial Changeover

15 sec (automatic)

Total Changeover

1 min (for pusher)