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Quick Six S2

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Quick Six S2 Bar Feeder – optimum speed

The Quick Six S2 bar feeder accommodates bar diameters from 10-80 mm and bar lengths from 27.5” to 6’3”.  Compared to other 6’ bar feeders on the market, this unit provides quicker bar loading, faster turning speeds and 4 minutes or less for changeovers.  Furthermore, the standard chain magazine holds 7 pieces of bar stock and an optional side load rack and bar elevator can be added for longer periods of unattended operation.  In conclusion, the Quick Six S2 pushes productivity to new limits by quickly and efficiently loading 6’ bar stock into your turning machine.


  • Unattended Operation

    The Quick Six S2 bar feeder is designed with an elevator method to raise bars up and into position. The standard chain magazine holds 7 pieces of bar stock and can be used with an optional lower horizontal rack.

  • Efficient Diameter Changeover

    Changing the single guide tube is quick and easy and can be achieved in less than 4 minutes. When changing diameter, simply follow the prompts on the remote control to enter the bar diameter, part length and guide tube ID...
    See More The Quick Six S2 bar feeder does the rest in record time.

  • Realignment Ease

    Z-axis retraction facilitates access to the spindle for changing spindle liners or for lathe maintenance operations. The chassis retracts up to 19” (470 mm) on the upper part of the stands and maintains perfect alignment with the spindle.

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Diameter ø 3/8'' - 3-1/8'' (ø 10 – 80 mm)
Bar Length 27.5'' - 6'3'' (698 – 1905 mm)
Loading Capacity 7 bars
Headstock Type Fixed
Max. Remnant Length n/a
Partial Changeover

15 sec.

Total Changeover

4 min.