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Sprint S3

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The Sprint S3 – incredibly efficient and reliable bar feeder

The Sprint S3 is an automatic magazine bar feeder designed to safely handle a complete range for small, medium and large diameter permitting large production runs. The Sprint S3 robust design and the guiding precision provided by the patented hydrostatic support in the bearing blocks permits maximum RPM without vibrations.


  • Maximum rotation speed

    Thanks to it's robust design, together the with Hydrobar® technology, it allows maximum rotation speeds to be achieved without creating vibration.

  • Keep production running efficiently

    A wide and low ramp allows the operator to safely load and store all the bars for the production, while a chain loader preloads the next bar while machining the current piece.

  • Heavy duty cast iron design

    Excellent heavy duty surface quality and the observance of stable tolerances guaranteed thanks to the cast iron make it possible to continuous, silent, vibration-free and failure-free operation

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Diameter 1/2" to 3-1/8" ø 10 - 80 mm
Bar Length 3300 mm / 3800 mm / 4200 mm
Loading Capacity 700 mm
Headstock Type Fixed
Max. Remnant Length n/a
Partial Changeover


Total Changeover

15 min (for all guiding elements)