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Super Hydrobar HS

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The Super Hydrobar HS – pioneer and manual load bar feeder

The Super Hydrobar HS is a manual barfeeder for small to medium production runs, it has a diameter range suited for camshaft controlled screw machines and Swiss-style CNC machines. Furthermore, the Super Hydrobar HS Hydrodynamic support in completely enclosed guide tubes provides the high performance and reliability you expect from LNS.


  • Quick Changeovers

    The modular multi-tube design allows one person to perform a changeover in less than one minute. Simply index the tube to the appropriate tube and connect the quick disconnect coupling to the new tube.

  • Superior Performance

    HYDROBAR® technology ensures vibration-free rotation and unmatched speed, range, and reliability. Designed for flexibility and quick changeovers, it can be customized to fit a broad range of sizes and lathe capacities.

  • Hydrobar’s Modular Design

    Hydrobar’s patented modular design is a radial arrangement of guide tubes on a common pitch circle. Furthermore, the multi-tube design provides greater flexibility on your bar feeder.

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Diameter ø 1/16'' - 2-5/8'' (1.6 – 68 mm)
Bar Length 236.2” (6,000 mm max.)
Loading Capacity Single Bar
Headstock Type Fixed / sliding
Max. Remnant Length n/a
Partial Changeover


Total Changeover

1 min