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Tryton 107/112

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The Tryton 107/112 – Fast, Efficient, User-Friendly Operation

The LNS Tryton is an automatic magazine bar feeder featuring high performance for small diameter and is designed for camshaft controlled screw machines and Swiss-style CNC machines. The guiding technology on the Tryton is based on hydrodynamic oil support in totally enclosed guide tubes. It ensures vibration-free operation due to its rigid, compact construction and unique hydraulic feed and guiding system.


  • Hydrodynamic Effect

    No vibrations up to the highest speeds thanks to the original HYDROBAR® technology. 

  • Speed And Simplicity

    The hybrid barrel of the Tryton 107/112 guarantees, without limitation, the loading of bars of all possible diameters within it's range. 

  • Pivoting system

    The pivoting system allows access to the lathe spindle without compromising the alignment of the equipment. 

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Diameter ø .039'' to 1/2'' (1 – 12.7 mm)
Bar Length 2m, 3m, 12', 4m (2200 mm / 3200 mm / 3700 mm / 4200 mm)
Loading Capacity 45 bars (1-5 mm) 36 bars (1-7 mm)
24 bars (3-10 mm) 24 bars (4-12.7 mm) 14 bars (Hybrid barrel)
Headstock Type Fixed / sliding
Max. Remnant Length 230 mm
Partial Changeover

2 min (within the guide tube range)

Total Changeover

5-10 min (with hybrid barrel)