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FOX WS 2 2000

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The Fox WS 2 2000 – oil mist collector from 250 to 2000M3/H

Fox WS 2 series is the perfect solution for the elimination of oil mist typical of metal cutting applications. It ensures a clean, safe work environment while reducing absenteeism and HVAC costs. With the additional high efficiency Hepa filter, the Fox WS 2 series mist collectors removes up to 99.97% of the cutting mist. Its small and compact dimensions integrate perfectly with the machine tool design and thanks to its control panel it can be easily interfaced. 

This product is not available for your country.


  • Long life-time of the filters

    High filter lifetime thanks to the extended filtration area. It provides an average efficiency level above 99%  Clogging is monitored by pressure gauge that clearly indicates when the cartridge must be replaced.

  • Quick and easy

    Maintenance requires less than five minutes (complete replacement of filters). The result is a considerable saving in time and costs across the life of the unit.

  • Different types of filters for every coolant application.

    Wide range of accessories and options, including HEPA filter until H13 (99,95% @ 0,4 μm efficiency – ISO EN 1822:2009)

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Air flow (m3/h)


Static pressure Inches (Pa) - 50 Hz


Motor (kW)


Weight (kg)


Sound level (dBA)


Filtration efficiency

up to 99,95 % MPPS (EN 1822)