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Automatic Work Support Systems

Steady Rest Systems – designed with quality expertise

LNS steady rest systems are a combination of the industry’s best-selling automatic steady rest and unparalleled application experience and mounting design capability. The result is an exceptional value in a complete, automatic work support system. Steady rest packages are available in a variety of models from .2” capacity to the size that fits your largest application.


  • Economical Solution

    The SLUX model steady rests are the most economical and are the number one preferred steady rest. This durable steady rest model offers the broadest clamping range and features of any steady rest available today.

  • Premium Models

    The SR premium steady rest model incorporates a fully sealed body to restrict contamination from harmful chips and coolant. All SR models are equipped with coolant flush through the roller chip guards.

  • Compact Models

    The K compact steady rest model allows for maximum clamping ranges to utilize your machine capabilities. This model has the fully sealed body and is equipped with coolant flush through the roller chip guards to flush damaging chips.

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