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Turbo HB

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Turbo Hinge Belt Conveyors are a general purpose conveyor to remove large and stringy chips from machining operations. The conveyors are designed to match the space available and the horse power of the machine.


  • The heart of any chip conveyor is the conveyor belt. LNS has a variety of belts to suit the specific application...
    See More Belt pitch, component size, and belt strength all affect the performance of a chip conveyor and, as the machine tool power and size increases, the conveyor strength must also increase. For this reason LNS our belt type to the specific requirements of your machine tool.

  • Reliable operation and long life are ensured through the use of hardened inserts used at the tail end of our hinge belt conveyors. The solid, hardened steel insert ensures smooth guiding of the belt in this critical area of the conveyor as well as wear resistance against the force exerted by heavy chip loads...
    See More The part is designed to last the duration of the conveyor's life but is interchangeable should maintenance be required.

  • Turbo hinge belt conveyors are used in a variety of applications and therefore have to function with a vast array of chip types. Each hinge belt conveyor from LNS is equipt with different cleat types to aid the chip removal from the machine tool...
    See More Angled cleats act to remove fine chips from within the conveyor frame by following closely to the curve sections of the conveyor. Flat cleats act to remove the majority of chips up the incline section of the conveyor and the serrated cleats act to grab and remove any bundles of stringy chips that would otherwise struggle to mount the incline section of the conveyor.

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Chip Type

Coarse, Stringy

Filtration (µ)


Belt Pitch

Standard Duty (NGB) 40 mm (1.57")

Super Heavy Duty 50.8 - 63.5 mm (2 - 2.5")

Side Wing Height

Standard Duty (NGB) 21 mm (0.83")

Super Heavy Duty 25.4 - 38.1 mm (1 - 1.5")

Tail Height

Standard Duty (NGB) 130 mm (5.12")

Super Heavy Duty 151 - 216 mm (5.94 - 8.5")

Minimum Frame Width

Standard Duty (NGB) 216 mm (8.5")

Super Heavy Duty 310 mm (12.2")

Maximum Frame Width

Standard Duty (NGB) 674 mm (26.54")

Super Heavy Duty 1021 mm (40.2")

Width Increments

Standard Duty (NGB) 50.8 mm (2")

Motor Power and Ratio

Standard Duty (NGB) 0.18 kW - 240:1 (1/4 HP - 240:1)

Super Heavy Duty 0.18 kW - 300:1 (1/4 HP - 300:1)

Machine Tool Spindle Power

Standard Duty (NGB) 0 - 25 kW (0 - 30 HP)

Super Heavy Duty >25 kW (>30 HP)