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Turbo Magnetic – NA

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The Turbo Magnetic Conveyor is a slider face design with all moving components sealed in the conveyor frame for protection. This design makes the magnetic the best choice for machining ferrous broken materials such as cast iron.


  • The Turbo conveyor features a heavy gage stainless steel slider face for a long life in extreme wear conditions. All moving parts are contained inside the conveyors sealed frame below this slider face so they are never exposed to machining contaminates...
    See More The conveyor belt is automatically tensioned so no adjustment is ever needed. The belt track is a non lubricating design.

  • The Turbo Magnetic conveyor uses a self-lubricated track where no lubrication oil is inside the conveyor, therefore no risk of leak or contaminated coolant.

  • The Turbo magnetic conveyor uses individual magnet segments which are easily and economically replaced if the conveyor is accidentally damaged. These magnets are extremely powerful rare earth magnets that ensure maximum collection of ferrous chips that land onto the conveyor slide face to be removed to the discharge area.

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Chip Type Broken
Filtration (µ)


Belt Pitch N/A
Side Wing Height N/A
Tail Height Standard Profile 5.19"
Tail Height Low Profile 3.67"
Machine Tool Spindle Power

Standard Duty 0-35 HP


Minimum Frame Width 9.47"
Maximum Frame Width 17.9"
Width Increments 6",8",10",12",14"
Motor Power and Ratio 1/4 HP - 240:1