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Turbo MF 2

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The Turbo MF 2 has a hinge belt conveyor placed above a scraper belt conveyor, with integrated self cleaning filter drum, to remove all chip materials and shapes while filtering coolant to 50 microns. The upper conveyor removes large chips while the lower conveyor efficiently removes fine and small chips while providing the coolant filtration through the filter drum. The MF 2 is ideal for heavy chip loads requiring ultra fine coolant filtration.


  • The Turbo MF 2 incorporates a self cleaning filter drum located in the lower conveyor which is protected from heavy chips by the upper conveyor. The drum is designed with a very fine filter material which traps particles greater than 50 microns, keeping all fine chips out of the coolant tank...
    See More The filter drum seal is a unique design incorporating Viton seal material and a metal pre-seal. The metal seal prevents chips from damaging the softer Viton material. The drum rotates and is sprayed with coolant providing self-cleaning, maintenance free filtration. Clean, filtered coolant is returned to the machine tank assuring maximum tool life and extended coolant life while minimizing tank maintenance.

  • The Turbo MF 2 conveyor uses a double conveyor construction, this two-tired approach is ideal for today’s advanced machining techniques and use of multiple materials. The upper conveyor handles heavy loads including chunks, stringy, bushy, and large chips...
    See More The scraper-type lower conveyor removes the remaining small particles and deposits fines trapped by the filter drum onto the incline.

  • The Turbo MF 2 uses a variety of belts duties to suit the specific application. Belt pitch, component size and belt strength all affect the performance of the conveyor and, as the machine tool power and size increases, the conveyor strength must also increase...
    See More For this reason LNS's matches the belt type to the specific requirements of your machine tool, enabling the MF 2 to work effectively, even on very large machine tools.

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Chip Type


Filtration (µ)


Belt Pitch

Standard Duty (NGB) 1.57"

Super Heavy Duty 2" - 2.5"

Side Wing Height

Standard Duty (NGB) .75"

Super Heavy Duty 1" - 1.5"

Tail Height

Standard Duty (NGB) 10.24"

Super Heavy Duty 10.83"

Minimum Frame Width

Standard Duty (NGB) 8.5"

Super Heavy Duty 10.2"

Maximum Frame Width

Standard Duty (NGB) 26.54"

Super Heavy Duty 40.2"

Width Increments

Standard Duty (NGB) 2"

Super Heavy Duty 2"

Motor Power and Ratio

Standard Duty (NGB) 1/4 HP - 240:1 (x2)

Super Heavy Duty 1/4 HP - 300:1

Machine Tool Spindle Power

Standard Duty (NGB) 0-30 HP

Super Heavy Duty > 35 HP