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Turbo SF compact

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Our most compact 50 micron filtering conveyor, the SF compact normally fits in the standard machine tank. This hinge belt conveyor is an excellent choice for handling any chip type, broken, stringy or very fine. This is our most economical 50 micron filtring conveyor.


  • The LNS Turbo SFcompact incorporates self cleaning filter modules located in the conveyor frame which is protected from heavy chips by the conveyor belt, the number of modules used is adjusted to the maximum coolant flow rate of the machine tool. The filter modules are designed with a very fine filter material which traps particles greater than 50 microns, keeping all fine chips out of the coolant tank...
    See More The filter modules are automatically cleaned by the incorporated mechatronic cleaning system, providing self-cleaning, maintenance free filtration. Clean, filtered coolant is returned to the machine tank assuring maximum tool life and extended coolant life while minimizing tank maintenance.

  • The revolutionary SFcompact eliminates this need for extra floor space by integrating the filter system within the frame. SFcompact is no larger than most standard hinge belt conveyors...
    See More This makes the SFcompact ideal for factories with limited floor space and obstructions such as pillars, walls or with multiple machines side-to-side and/or back-to-back.

  • Reliable operation andd long life is ensured through the use of hardened track in all curved sections of the conveyor. This hardened track offers wear resistance against chips within the conveyor.

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Chip Type



Filtration (µ)



Belt Pitch 40 mm (1,57)
Side Wing Height 21 mm (0,83)
Tail Height 130mm (5,12)
Minimum Frame Width 216mm (8,5)
Maximum Frame Width 674 mm (26.54)
Width Increments 50,8mm (2)
Motor Power and Ratio 0,18KW - 240:1 (1/4 HP - 240:1)
Machine Tool Spindle Power 0-25 KW (0-30 HP)