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Venturi Pump

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Every machine tool application accumulates coolant in the chip hopper. Coolant that cycles through a machining process into a chip hopper is merely thrown away during chip hopper clean-out, or must be drained prior to emptying the hopper. Chip hoppers sometimes accumulate more coolant than chips, requiring a clean-out before the container is entirely full of chips. Plus, cleaning a chip hopper is a messy, time-consuming task that adds to the machining process cost.

Eliminating coolant accumulation in the chip hopper allows the machining process to run longer, reduces coolant cost, and makes cleaning out the chip hopper less messy. The Venturi Pump eliminates coolant accumulation in chip hoppers by continuously reclaiming coolant from the chip hopper and drawing it back into the machine tool tank during the machining process. When it’s time to empty the chip hopper, you can easily remove the coolant collector and pipe.

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