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Fox WM 7500

The LNS Fox WM series Oil/Coolant Mist Collector is specifically designed for machine tools that enclose more than 400 ft3 and can handle the grouping together of machines like a centralized system to eliminate mists, aerosols and smoke of wet machining operations using water-soluble or straight oil for coolant. It is characterized by a sophisticated design, compact dimensions, standard and customizable accessories. The standard configuration provides a high level of air filtration exceeding OSHA and NIOSH guidelines for industrial air quality. Filter access for yearly maintenance is very easy and both filters can be changed within 15 minutes

Models available :
• Fox WM 2500
• Fox WM 5000 (two WM 2500’s in tandem)
• Fox WM 7500 (three WM 2500’s in tandem)


  • The FOX WM series represents the ideal solution for the filtration of oil mist for large machining centers, connecting multiple machine tools or for when large air flow rates are required.

  • Our proprietary filters have an extra long lifetime and maintenance interval (longer than the average industry standard). This is ensured due to the large filtering surface area and the use of specific types and arrangement of media...
    See More Units are mechanically guaranteed for three (3) years and the internal filter set for a minimum of one (1) year.

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WM 7500

60 Hz

Air flow (cfm)


Static pressure (w.g.)


Motor (hp)


Weight (lb)


Sound level (db(A))


Air Inlets (in)

(3) 13.75 x 10