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Express 332 S2

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The Express 332 S2 Bar Feeder – robust and high performing

LNS automatic magazine bar feeder designed for short, medium and long production runs.  With this unit, you’ll achieve stable and precise bar feeding for making parts quickly and accurately.  The Express 332 S2 diameter range is 3 mm to 34 mm, for fixed or sliding headstock CNC lathes.  Due to the hydrodynamic support in the guiding channels, optimal RPMs are achieved without vibration.  In conclusion, this 12′ bar length bar feeder is highly efficient and provides continuous operation.


  • Greater bar stock stability & less oscillation inside the lathe

    As a result of the LNS patented, fully automatic "V" shaped bar feed front stabilizer, it provides superior bar support from start to finish and with unmatched stability.

  • Efficient changeovers

    Due to the intuitive HMI, partial changeovers can be achieved in 2-minutes for bar stock diameters within the .4” (10 mm) guiding channel range...
    See More Because you simply follow the prompts on the remote control to enter the shape, bar diameter, part length and guiding channel ID. then the Express 332 S2 bar feed does the rest.

  • Intelligent electronic synchronization

    Precise synchronization of the pusher assembly with bar stock during rapid movements of the sliding headstock is essential because it will eliminate bar buckling and unsafe disconnect from the collet fingers. Due to the heavy mechanical components for synchronization, this provides unnecessary stress on the headstock.

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Diameter ø .125” to 1.33” (3 mm - 34 mm)
Bar Length 2200 mm / 3200 mm / 3800 mm / 4200 mm
Loading Capacity 10.6''
Headstock Type Fixed / sliding
Max. Remnant Length 400 mm (300 mm for 2 M unit)
Partial Changeover

2 minutes (within the guiding channel range)

Total Changeover

8 minutes (for all guiding elements)