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Quick Load Servo 80 S2

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Quick Load Servo 80 S2 Bar Feeder – faultless unattended operation

If you’re looking for continuous machining with little or no operator intervention, this bar feeder is big on performance.  Plus, you’ll have the ability to quickly changeover from one parts run to another.  This bar feeder is all electric for 14”-63” bars (not to exceed the spindle length).  Together, a reliable loading mechanism and servomotor automatically adjust speed and torque for travel and bar positioning at high speeds.  Also, this bar feeder provides a library of up to 500 part programs that are recalled via a part number.  Compared to other short load bar feeders on the market, LNS short load bar feeders are industry known to drastically increase productivity.


  • Simplicity for efficiency

    Equipped with an automatic diameter changing system with linear motors and LNS servo motor technology. Centerline and bar loading fingers adjust automatically as the new bar diameter is entered in the prompting remote HMI...
    See More No manual adjustment is required reducing changeover time to a minimum.

  • Unattended operation

    The LNS servo motor control technology provides the Quick Load Servo 80 S2 with a precision of bar positioning which is unrivalled on the market. It guarantees accurate bar feedout control with or without turret help and prevents from hitting the turret with its soft touch positioning.

  • Production efficiency

    Standard Z or X axis retraction system can be chosen at time of installation and allows easy spindle liner changes and machine access. The bar feeder also has a loading ramp with adjustable inclination, which also acts as an on board storage for arranging the spindle liners and pushers.

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Diameter ø 1/4" - 3-1/8" (6 - 80 mm)
Bar Length 350 mm – 1605 mm not to exceed overall length of spindle
Loading Capacity 650 mm
Headstock Type Fixed
Max. Remnant Length n/a
Partial Changeover

15 sec (automatic)

Total Changeover

1 min (for pusher)