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LNS Chipblaster

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Automatic variable volume high-pressure coolant systems automatically deliver precise coolant pressure and flow to enhance CNC machine performance and extend cutting tool life for virtually any application.

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In September 2018 the LNS Group, leader in machine-tool peripherals, has acquired Chipblaster, founded 1994 in Meadville, Pennsylvania – USA.

This acquisition is a natural fit to the LNS Group product portfolio as Chipblaster designs, produces and distributes not only high-pressure/ high-volume coolant systems, but also a wide range of options including coolant chiller, cyclone filtration systems and more.

Today, LNS Chipblaster is the number one in the United States with over 38’000 machines sold worldwide.

Key benefits for Chipblaster users :

  • Longer tool life
  • Longer coolant life
  • Superior chip control
  • More part throughput
  • Faster cutting speeds and feeds

We provide superior advantages :

  • Automatic variable volume
  • Simple plug and play interface with the machine-tool
  • Additional coolant reservoir for better temperature control
  • Special high-pressure pumps to match your specific pressure and coolant flow needs